Virtual Conference

The 15th ESA Conference will take place on a virtual platform.

Due to the health crisis we are living through, the ESA Executive Committee has decided to follow the medical indications established by both the scientific and political institutions in order to avoid any possible harm. Even though holding the conference in a virtual format was a tough decision, it is of our consideration that it is the most responsible one. Despite the fact of being virtual, we challenged ourselves into organizing the most memorable and rewarding conference possible. Finally, due to the flexibility that the virtual format offers, we have reached a new record of attendees. Moreover, this flexibility has impacted positively in a more diverse display of profiles, voices and researches that will contribute to make this conference more multidisciplinary and multicultural than ever.

The conference will be held in a virtual venue. This platform allows increased participant engagement, including the possibility to have access, from a single site, to the programme, exhibitors, sessions and other participants. These multiple possibilities are available from the browser or through an app. The platform also allows for networking and the scheduling of 1 to 1 meetings, so that you can meet any conference delegate at the most convenient time. Plenaries and semi plenaries + RN. Coffee breaks have also been set in order to be able to share thoughts about the talks, network and rest in order to be eager to listen to new ideas.