Statement in support of the Brazilian Society of Sociology

The ESA endorses the Brazilian Society of Sociology press release regarding the teaching of Philosophy and Social Sciences in Brazilian Federal Universities

The European Sociological Association expresses its extreme concern at the recent statements of the Brazilian Government regarding the defunding of philosophy and social sciences in the country. The announcements neglect the fact that the production of knowledge cannot be judged merely on the ground of sciences’ immediate applicability. Most of all, they overlook the continued contribution of social sciences in the betterment of societies and, more particularly, in addressing the constantly evolving social problems at various scales. By no means philosophy and the social sciences can be considered as ‘luxury’ disciplines, which should be defunded in times of economic crisis. Rather the opposite should be done, so that they will be able to assist the democratic institutions and socioeconomic improvements in the country.

Philosophy and the social sciences cannot be sacrificed on the altar of political-ideological conflicts, but they should rather be supported in their role in maintaining the common good and in spreading the democratic ideals as the cornerstones of future society.

Apostolos G. Papadopoulos, Vice-President and Chair of the External Affairs committee
on behalf of the ESA Executive Committee

Read here the initial press release by the Brazilian Society of Sociology (26 April 2019, in Portuguese)

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