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RN37 - Urban Sociology

The Research Network 37 on Urban Sociology aims to stimulate the scientific debate on urban issues (space, everyday life, problems, opportunities, etc.), with attention to create a cross-disciplinary space of exchange.

The Research Network Urban Sociology aims to stimulate scientific debate within the area of Urban Sociology, by creating a cross-disciplinary space of exchange open to sociologists and scientists from other disciplines interested in creating knowledge about, but also intervening in, urban space and urban life. The Research Network started in Turin in 2013 as a Research Stream on Urban Sociology and Public Spaces (

The network was formally constituted the next year and a first Midterm conference, with the theme Public Spaces, Private Lives, was organized in November 2014 in Lisbon, with Kirsteen Paton and Ray Hutchinson as keynote speakers. In Prague, the next year, the first Coordination and Board were elected and we had very interesting sessions. In 2016, our second midterm conference took place in Krakow, where we welcomed around 170 urban researchers, including keynote speakers Saskia Sassen, Talja Blockland, Ayo Mansaray and Jacek Gądecki. You can read all about it in our blog: With carefully selected contributions from the conference, the coordination and board published a book with Springer: Moving Cities – Contested Views on Urban Life (

In Athens, in 2017, we publicly presented the book and organized a keynote with João Teixeira Lopes, the first coordinator of RN37. 

In our last Midterm Conference in Madrid (June 2018), we had two very interesting keynote lectures by Jesus Leal and Susanne Hall and many interesting sessions around the main theme: "Inequality and uncertainty:  current challenges for cities".

Most recently, we met in Manchester, for the 2019 ESA Conference ( 

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