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RN37 - Urban Sociology

Moving cities: Contested views on urban life!


Contemporary cities are built in daily life by urban dwellers and are traversed by a diversity of social movements, making them very special locus for analysing society. The ESA’s Research Network 37 – Urban Sociology- coordination and board team works to stimulate scientific debate within the area of urban sociology, a very productive field of study in which innovative research concerning new social theory and methods is being developed. In the beginning, this scientific field flourished from the exchanges between several social sciences, so our aim is to create various cross-disciplinary spaces for scientific debate open to sociologists and scientists from other disciplines interested in analysing and understanding urban life in moving cities around the globe. The RN37 focus problems and challenges of urban change. Topics such as urban inequalities, urban social structure, migrations, urban activism, mobility, community building, neighborhood life, uses of public spaces and methodological approaches such as urban ethnography and multi-scale mixed-methods approaches, are in the core of the latest discussions within the activities of the RN37. We welcome young and senior academics developing research on cities as members of our RN, expecting that everyone can take useful insights to their works from their participation in this RN activities. We hope that the developed work can be a starting point for joint research and networking for researchers from Europe and beyond. Please send us your ideas, suggestions and contributions!

Coordinator: Lígia Ferro, University of Porto, Portugal,


Board members:

  • Patrícia Pereira, Universidade Nova de Lisboa – Portugal
  • Juan Jose Villalon Ogayar, UNED – Spain
  • Sebastian Kurtenbach, University of Cologne, Germany

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