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RN35 - Sociology of Migration

The place for fruitful discussions about migration, inclusion and exclusion, and diversity in Europe


The Research Network Sociology of Migration was founded in November 2010. It is open to migration researchers from inside and outside of Europe. Its aim is to cover all aspects of migration research from economic, social or political questions studied from a variety of methodological approaches.

The main purposes of the Research Network “Sociology of Migration” are:

  1. To advance theoretical work
  2. To strengthen comparative research perspectives
  3. To carry on methodological discussions
  4. To deepen cross-disciplinary linkages

In addition to the activities held during the ESA conferences, the RN Sociology of Migration has organized three mid-term conferences in the past that took place in different European countries.

Our main goal is to strengthen a dialogue amongst younger and established scholars studying diverse aspects of migration in Europe. We also circulate news concerning scientific events linked to migration studies via our mailing list to which you are welcome to subscribe (see further information on the website).

Coordinator: Karin Peters, Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands


  • Kenneth Horvath, University of Education Karlsruhe (Germany)
  • Elise Pape, EHESS, Paris (France)

Board members:

  • Muriel Dudt, University of Strasbourg (France)
  • Beate Sokolowska, Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)

Scientific board:

  • Berta Álvarez-Miranda (Spain)
  • Valerie Amiraux (Canada)
  • Joaquín Arango (Spain)
  • David Bartram (UK)
  • Ayse Caglar (Austria)
  • Catherine Delcroix (France)
  • Monica Serban (Romania)
  • Thomas Faist (Germany)
  • Katrine Fangen (Norway)
  • Nina Glick Schiller (UK)
  • Encarnación Gutiérrez Rodríguez (Germany)
  • Marco Martiniello (Belgium)
  • Mirjana Morokvasic-Müller (F)
  • Cristiana Paladini (Italy)
  • Lucinda Platt (UK)
  • Ludger Pries (Germany)
  • Christoph Reinprecht (Austria)
  • Sergeij Ryazantsev (Russia)
  • Claire Wallace (UK)
  • Catherine de Wenden (France)
  • Andreas Wimmer (USA)
  • Nira Yuval-Davis (UK)

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