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RN33 - Women’s and Gender Studies

RN33 is dedicated to critical research and analysis of the impacts of women and gender in all areas of societies.

The ‘Gender and women in society’ Research Network aims to promote academic exchanges and stimulating and creative collaboration between sociologists using gender perspectives and theories. The RN33 networks want to facilitate international contacts and be a central arena for discussions and be an important meeting place for as well prominent and established scholars as for younger scholars. To reach our goals we organize mid-term conferences and has an active e-mail list (esagender [at] in addition to the general ESA activities. Gender issues, theories and studies is an important area of interest for sociologists and policy researchers. As gender researchers we are committed to emancipatory sociological research and through critical analysis of existing structures of gendered social, political and cultural inequalities, we want to formulate visions for alternative futures.

The focus of RN33 is on gender perspectives on various social, political and cultural phenomena. However, the diversity of themes and the range of methodological approaches to gender issues express the vitality of gender research across the globe.In particular, RN33 wants to support, promote and encourage young scholars and Ph.D.’s and organize RN33 activities aimed to raise issues of interest and importance for early career researchers.