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RN27 - Regional Network Southern European Societies

The aim of the Regional Network on Southern European Societies is to facilitate sociological research in Southern Europe and of Southern European Communities abroad and to encourage communication and cooperation between sociologists and between sociologists and other social scientists interested in the region.

The first step for the establishment of a RN for Southern European Societies in the context of ESA was discussed during the ESA conference in Budapest (30-8/2-9-1995) by Eleni Nina-Pazarzi and Gabriella Lazaridis. Several meetings and correspondences took part between them and other colleagues and a paper circulated. For the goal of disseminating our proposal, a first conference was organised in Greenwich, UK where an interest of colleagues was expressed and so the two founders continued the steps for the establishment (founding meeting) of the RN. The formal application for recognition was submitted to the ESA Executive Committee and was accepted.

The RN27 was re-launched in 2009, through the proposal submitted to ESA by a group of sociologists from France, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain, who have been working together as members of their respective national associations. The promotion of exchange programmes between sociologists interested in sharing theoretical and empirical research concerning Southern European issues has been an essential part of the network’s activities.