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RN26 - Sociology of Social Policy and Social Welfare

Social policy and welfare in theoretical, comparative and practical terms.

This network aims to provide a broad arena for the discussion and development of research on all aspects of social policy and social welfare in Europe, with a particular interest in perspectives routed in sociology and social theory. This includes both comparative research within Europe and that focusing on the supra-national and global roles of the EU. It encompasses both theoretical and practice-oriented research. Rather than focusing narrowly on public regulation and developments in the political system, the network favours work focusing on the social and cultural rationales behind the development and reproduction of institutions and organisations in the field as well as behind those actors and groups that influence the distribution of resources, status and power in society and hence individual and social welfare. Our research agenda includes the analysis of such institutions, organisations and policies throughout the enlarged Europe, and their material and symbolic impact, as well as the nature of human well-being and democratic citizenship.

Aims of the Network:

  • to provide a European level forum for the development, discussion and dissemination of research on social policy and social welfare with a focus on sociology and social theory;
  • to ensure an institutional context for the operation of workshops at future ESA conferences and for organizing/supporting research meetings between European conferences.