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RN24 - Science and Technology

Interrelations between science, technology and society are in the focus of research interests of RN24 members.

More than in other areas, scholars in the field of science and technology studies have made multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary efforts to combine

  • theory construction on changing relations and co-constitution of  science, technology and society,
  • qualitative and quantitative empirical social sciences,
  • sociological, philosophical, anthropological, historical, psychological, economic and political science analysis,
  • science, technology and innovation policy studies.

Academic associations have evolved in the USA and Europe which reinforce this development. The field provides a stimulating and challenging environment for sociologists to bring in their disciplinary profile. In this context SSTNET offers a European platform for sociologists to meet, exchange ideas and strengthen their specific profile for interdisciplinary collaboration in order to study questions of science and technology.

The network (RN24/SSTNET – Sociology of Science and Technology Network) aims at

  • providing a European forum for the development, discussion and dissemination of research on all social aspects of science and technology,
  • ensuring an organizational frame for the organization of workshops at the bi-annual ESA general conferences,
  • organizing focused research meetings and conferences between the ESA conferences,
  • setting up links to other academic and professional associations in the field of science and technology studies (national, European and international),
  • facilitating research collaboration, joint research projects and publication among European scholars,
  • providing a platform for the dissemination of research reports, conference papers and conventional publications via the world wide web and electronic mail,
  • creating and maintaining a www data base of the members of the network and the network’s activities, and
  • promoting the exchange of young scholars of science and technology between European countries.

For the RN24/SSTNET mailing list, e-mail to Melissa Sessa, PhD representative, melissa.sessa[at]