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RN20 - Qualitative Methods

RN20 is dedicated to sharing, discussing, developing and advancing application of the wide range of qualitative methodological approaches, methods and techniques in sociological research. RN20 aims at providing a forum for a variety of social researchers and enhancing their cooperation.

Over the past 15 years, the ESA Research Network Qualitative Methods (RN20) has established a European platform for scholars and leading experts in the field. RN 20 has gathered a large number of researchers with diverse methodological background and from multiple research traditions to discuss present issues in qualitative research. It has created firm ties among qualitative researchers in Europe and maintains close relations with scholars in other world regions.

The interest in qualitative methods in social sciences is greater than ever. Starting from the wide range of classic approaches based on the interpretive tradition of understanding up to the cutting-edge research innovations, qualitative methods evolve and diversify, requiring constant debate on practices, threats, merits, disadvantages, solutions, and a diverse array of epistemological, and ontological foundations. 

We invite novice and experienced researchers to join our Network and contribute to the advancement of the qualitative methods in sociology and social research.