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RN06 - Critical Political Economy

RN06 Critical Political Economy consists of a community of critical political economy scholars and activists, departing from the understanding that without the hypothesis that a different world is possible, there can be no politics.

RN06 Critical Political Economy (CPERN) seeks to reassert the centrality of critical political economy perspectives, and to promote and facilitate research aimed at understanding recent transformations of capitalism and capitalist societies. 

CPERN was established in 2005 and provides ever since a crucial hub for interdisciplinary exchange between scholars and activists from Europe and beyond, straddling the disciplines of political economy, sociology, politics, economics, but is also reaching out to geography, social policy and law. 

CPERN is committed to emancipatory social science: we seek not only to critique existing structures of social inequality but also to formulate visions for alternative futures, and contribute actively to the politicization and the resilience of social struggles within and beyond the academe. The unification of theory and practice and acts of solidarity take centre stage. We believe that solidarity entails a strong transformative dimension: acts of solidarity do not necessarily involve agents that are alike, nor do they need to result in political imaginaries and trajectories that are devoid of conflict. To the contrary, what Gramsci referred to as a ‘collective intellectual’ is by definition composed of a plurality of forms of the philosophy of praxis. Multiple imaginary futures and horizons of common possibility may co-exist, coincide or even contradict themselves. 

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