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RN06 - Critical Political Economy


RN06 Critical Political Economy (CPERN) promotes and facilitates research aimed at understanding recent transformations of capitalism and capitalist societies. The primary focus is on Europe, but CPERN is in no way restricted to just this part of the world. CPERN’s purpose is to reassert the centrality of political economy perspectives and to promote critical and emancipatory scholarship. It is a hub for interdisciplinary exchange, straddling principally the disciplines of sociology, politics and economics, but also reaching out to geography, social policy and law. It has attracted considerable attention as a result, which can be observed by the diverse and rich range of the papers presented since the network’s inception in 2005, its growing geographical reach, and the participation in the network of a variety of junior and senior researchers, from postgraduate students to professors.

Coordinator: Mònica Clua-Losada, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona / University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley

Co-coordinator/Treasurer: Angela Wigger (Radboud University Nijmegen)

Liasion Officer – Phoebe Moore (Middlessex University, London)

Communications – Caroline Metz (University of Manchester)

Conference support – Abel Polese (Dublin City University and Tallin University)

Advisory board:

  • Bastiaan van Apeldoorn (VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
  • Dorothee Bohle (Central European University, Hungary)
  • Ian Bruff (University of Manchester, UK)
  • Jan Drahokoupil (University of Mannheim, Germany)
  • Eva Hartmann (University of Lausanne, Switzerland)
  • Laura Horn (Roskilde University, Denmark)
  • Martijn Konings (University of Sydney, Australia)
  • Magnus Ryner (Oxford Brookes University, UK)
  • Susanne Soederberg (Queen’s University, Canada)

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