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RN05 - Sociology of Consumption

The research network addresses consumption in its social, cultural, symbolic, economic, political and material dimensions. It welcomes theoretical, methodological and empirical contributions to the study of consumption in a large range of areas: sustainability, political consumption, fashion, food and eating, tourism, culture, bodies, technology etc. In doing so, it intersects with other sociological fields, such as economic sociology, sociology of health, the family, gender, age and generations, the study of space and cities, or social stratification. Thereby the research network contributes to societal debates on contested and challenged aspects of consumption and assists in advancing associated policy measures and societal developments.

Some examples of our recent research manifestations are:

The  research network for sociology of consumption has been active in the European Sociological Association since the early 1990s. Over the years it has drawn in a growing number of scholars from across Europe and beyond. The group meets every year, by organizing an interim meeting between each ESA conference.


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