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RN04 - Sociology of Children and Childhood

Developing critical research on children’s lives and positions in societies and on childhood as a social phenomenon

From a modest start in the 1980s, through increasing empirical and theoretical activity in the 1990s, the sociology of childhood research has become well established internationally. This field of study has developed critical alternatives to mainstream research on children and has generated significant contributions to understanding childhood as a social phenomenon and children’s lives and positions in societies. The importance of children and childhood(s) as topics for sociological study is reflected in a growing community of scholars engaged in theoretical and empirical work in this area across Europe. This includes work looking at children living in times of political change and transition, engagements with understanding childhood as a structural space in societies, and explorations of children’s everyday lives from their own perspective. These areas, together with issues of theorising childhood and methodological developments, will form important foci for the Research Network.

If you would like to be a member of our RN, please follow the link or email the network coordinators.

  • Phil Mizen, Aston University, Birmingham, United Kingdom. P.Mizen[at]
  • Vicky Johnson, University of the Highlands and Islands, Scotland. Vicky.Johnson.ic[at]
  • Aleksandra Zalewska-Królak, University of Warsaw, Poland. zalewska.krolak[at]