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RN03 - Biographical Perspectives on European Societies

The Research Network ‘Biographical perspectives on European Societies’ aims to promote scholarly exchange and creative collaboration between sociologists using biographical perspectives to understand the social reality. Our scope of interests is mainly organized around the following themes: identity, migration, ethnicity, memory, processes of social transformation and other processes structured within and structurizing the social reality. Methodologically the network is developing along the qualitative, mainly biographical methods combining it with visual and performative methods.

Coordinator: Kaja Kazmierska, University of Lodz, Poland,

Co-coordinator: Ina Alber, University of Göttingen, Germany,

Board members:

  • Jane Arnfield (UK)
  • Baiba Bella (Latvia)
  • Thea Boldt (Germany)
  • Drew Dalton (UK- offered support re social networking)
  • Justine Gallagher (UK PhD Forum rep)
  • Agnieszka Golczynska-Grondas (Poland)
  • Robert Miller (UK)
  • Lyudmila Nurse (UK)
  • Maggie O’Neill (UK)
  • Wojciech Polec (Poland)
  • Elena Rozhdestvenskaya (Russia)
  • Ileana Szasz (Romania)
  • Katarzyna Waniek (Poland)
  • Elena Zdravomyslova (Russia)