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RN01 - Ageing in Europe

Based in sociology, but with a dedication to interdisciplinary co-operation, the “Research Network on Ageing in Europe” (RN01) facilitates international contacts and collaboration among those with research interests in ageing 

Ageing is an area of intense interest to sociologists and social policy researchers. This is stimulated, not least, by recognition that societies are ageing, with the average age in Europe set to continue rising throughout the twenty-first century. This demographic trend presents substantial social and economic challenges, as the number of people of retirement age increases in relation to those in paid employment. However, it is not just that people are living longer, but that the subjective meanings people attach to their own ageing and intergenerational relationships are also changing. For example, rising longevity and a relatively affluent retirement (for some) are expanding the possibilities of later life and changing consumption and lifestyle patterns. It is crucial to recognise, however, that population ageing also exacerbates old and creates new social inequalities within and between European countries. With changes occurring at both macro and micro-levels of the social fabric, it is vital that social scientific research is equipped to engage with the multifaceted nature of ageing. International and interdisciplinary knowledge exchange is thus fundamental for the advancement of our knowledge of (ageing) societies. 

The Research Network on Ageing in Europe – founded in 2001 – aims to facilitate international collaboration among ageing researchers. To achieve this goal, the Research Network organises highly successful paper sessions at The European Sociological Association’s conferences. We also organise biennial midterm conferences, as well as regular PhD workshops. In addition, we produce a newsletter, maintain a mailing list, and communicate our activities via various social media platforms. Our members are based across a number of disciplines, including sociology, social policy and psychology.

Our next conference is scheduled to take place in Jyväskylä, Finland from 20th to 22nd January 2021. [Please note that the call for this event has closed.]

We will be delivering an online PhD workshop in Spring/Summer 2021. Details on this event are forthcoming.

    E-mail address: Coordinator: Edward Tolhurst - e.tolhurst [at]