Research Networks

Research networks are an essential part of the intellectual life of the ESA. They are the groups “where most of the action is”: confrontation between different approaches; comparison between societies and between national sociological traditions; continued discussion and collaboration. They organise regular meetings among their members and other interested sociologists and have a key role in preparing the program of the large bi-annual ESA conference. Research networks are focussed sufficiently to motivate people and to enable them to work effectively with each other. They meet more frequently than is possible within the framework of general conferences. These meetings tend to be smaller and more homogeneous, and thus more suited to intellectual debate and the exchange of ideas.

To date, the ESA Executive Committee has approved 37 Research Networks (RNs).


For any question concerning Research Networks, you can contact the ESA office.
The Chair of the ESA Research Networks Committee is Bernadette Brereton (bernadette.brereton [at]