European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology

​Current Editors:

Paul Blokker, University of Bologna, Italy
Veikko Eranti, University of Helsinki, Finland
Ulrike Vieten (with special responsibility for book reviews), Queen's University Belfast, UK

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The study of culture is the fastest growing area in both European and North American sociology. After years of mild neglect, political sociology is also re-establishing itself as a central plank of the discipline. The European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology aims to be a forum not so much for these fields of study considered separately, as for any work seeking to explore the relationship between culture and politics through a sound sociological lens. It welcomes, thus, both considerations of cultural phenomena in relation to political context, work that situates political phenomena within a cultural framework, and all points between these poles. In so doing it seeks both to address matters of immediate concern and to recover the broad sociological sensibility that was once a staple of the classical tradition.

Peer Review Statement
The European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology (EJCPS) is an international, peer-reviewed journal which publishes original research contributions to scientific knowledge.
All manuscript submissions are subject to initial appraisal by the Editors, and, if found suitable for further consideration, to peer review by independent, anonymous expert referees.
Peer review is double blind and submission is online via ScholarOne Manuscripts.

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