ESA Book Series

Studies in European Sociology


In line with the changing focus of attention from the analysis of national differences within Europe to that of the global scenario within which Europe is being made and un-made as an economic, social, cultural, and political entity, the Series title has been changed from 'Studies in European Societies', to 'Studies in European Sociology'. The intention is that the Series may also become the locus for a reflexive understanding of the conditions and circumstances of sociological knowledge production and of the making and un-making of European sociology, including ongoing changes in its theoretical traditions and empirical foci.
The Series publishes books, both monographs, and edited collections, across the wide range of interests reflected in the ESA Research Networks. This includes empirically-focused and theoretical books and analyses of particular country contexts as well as cross-national studies.

General proposal guidelines for authors can be found at: For any details you may contact the ESA book series editors:

Maria Carmela Agodi, agodi[at] (Federico II University of Naples, former Coordinator of ESA RN33 Women’s and Gender Studies)
Ellen Annandale, ellen.annandale[at] (University of York and a former ESA Vice-President)



Wage Distribution Fairness in Post-Socialist Countries. Situation and Socialization
Zsófia Ignácz
ISBN 978-1-138-22266-3 (Hardback)



Green European. Environmental Behaviour and Attitudes in Europe in a Historical and Cross-Cultural Comparative Perspective
Edited by Audrone Telesiene and Matthias Gross
ISBN 978-1-138-12395-3 (Hardback)



Collective Memories in War
Edited by Elena Rozhdestvenskaya, Victoria Semenova, Irina Tartakovskaya, Krzysztof Kosela
ISBN 978-1-138-93548-8 (Hardback)



Artistic Practices. Social Interactions and Cultural Dynamics
Edited by Tasos Zembylas
ISBN 978-0-415-72147-9 (Hardback)



The Road to Social Europe. A Contemporary Approach to Political Cultures and Diversity in Europe
Jean-Claude Barbier
ISBN: 978-0-415-68888-8 (Hardback)

Religion, Identity and Politics: Germany and Turkey in Interaction
Edited by Haldun Gülalp and Günter Seufert
ISBN 978-0-415-52138-3 (Hardback)

Post-identity? Culture and European Integration
Edited by Richard McMahon
ISBN 978-0-415-64376-4 (Hardback)

The Social Meaning of Children and Fertility Change in Europe
Edited by Anne Lise Ellingsaeter, An-Magritt Jensen, Merete Lie
ISBN 978-0-415-81091-3 (Hardback)



Baltic Biographies at Historical Crossroads
Edited by Aili Aarelaid-Tart, Li Bennich-Björkman
ISBN 978-0-415-68110-0 (Hardback)

Mobilizing Regions, Mobilizing Europe. Expert Knowledge and Scientific Planning in European Regional Development
Sebastian M. Büttner
ISBN 978-0-415-67875-9 (Hardback)



Internationalisation of Social Sciences in Central and Eastern Europe The ‘Catching Up’ – A Myth or a Strategy?
Edited by Ilona Pálné Kovács, Dagmar Kutsar
ISBN 978-0-415-54823-6 (Hardback)

Muslims in 21st Century Europe: Structural and Cultural Perspectives
Edited by Anna Triandafyllidou
ISBN 978-0-415-49709-1 (Hardback)

Conflict, Citizenship and Civil Society
Edited by Patrick Baert, Sokratis M. Koniordos, Giovanna Procacci, Carlo Ruzza
ISBN 978-0-415-55873-0 (Hardback)

Social Class in Europe: An Introduction to the European Socio-Economic Classification
Edited by David Rose, Eric Harrison
ISBN 978-0-415-45801-6 (Hardback)



Cultural Overstretch? Differences Between Old and New Member States of the EU and Turkey
Jürgen Gerhards
ISBN 978-0-415-43549-9 (Hardback)



Autobiographies of Transformation: Lives in Central and Eastern Europe
Edited by Mike Keen, Janusz L. Mucha
ISBN 0-415-37651-3

Europe and Asia beyond East and West
Edited by Gerard Delanty
ISBN 978-0-415-37947-2



Young Europeans, Work and Family. Futures in Transition
Edited by Julia Brannen, Susan Lewis, Anne Nilsen and Janet Smithson
ISBN 0-415-24846-9



Inclusions and Exclusions in European Societies
Edited by Alison Woodward, Martin Kohli
ISBN 0-415-26023-X

Will Europe Work? Integration, Employment and the Social Order
Edited by Martin Kohli, Mojca Novak
ISBN 0-415-26022-1



The Myth of Generational Conflict: The Family and State in Ageing Societies
Edited by Sara Arber, Claudine Attias-Donfut
ISBN 0-415-20770-3



European Societies: Fusion or Fission?
Edited by Thomas Boje, Bart van Steenbergen, Sylvia Walby
ISBN 978-0-415-19843-1 (Hardback)

The End of the Welfare State? Responses to State Retrenchment
Edited by Stefan Svallfors, Peter Taylor-Gooby
ISBN 0-415-20771-1