European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology

The study of culture is the fastest growing area in both European and North American sociology. After years of mild neglect, political sociology is also re-establishing itself as a central plank of the discipline. The European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology aims to be a forum not so much for these fields of study considered separately, as for any work seeking to explore the relationship between culture and politics through a sound sociological lens.

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European Societies

European Societies publishes research from every part of the planet on all aspects of European social life and socioculture. It welcomes all sociological methods and all approaches in sociological theory. The focus is on addressing the specific contribution of contemporary European societies to the global condition, as well as on the serious socioeconomic and socio-political challenges that European societies face.

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The European Sociologist

Published by the European Sociological Association since 1994, the EUROPEAN SOCIOLOGIST is the association’s central source of information and of communication with the sociological community. Since 2018, it is available open access on its own website.

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