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Citizen Science and Social Innovation: Mutual Relations, Barriers, Needs, and Development Factors

Social innovations are usually understood as new ideas, initiatives, or solutions that make it possible to meet the challenges of societies in fields such as social security, education, employment, culture, health, environment, housing, and economic development. On the one hand, many citizen science activities serve to achieve scientific as well as social and educational goals. Thus, these actions are opening an arena for introducing social innovations.

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OPEN ACCESS Research Handbook on the Sociology of the Family

Edited by Norbert F. Schneider, Federal Institute for Population Research, Wiesbaden and Michaela Kreyenfeld, Hertie School, Berlin, Germany

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Research Handbook on Environmental Sociology

Edited by Axel Franzen and Sebastian Mader, University of Bern, Switzerland

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Research Handbook on Analytical Sociology

Edited by Gianluca Manzo, Sorbonne University, France

‘This Research Handbook is an important update on the status of analytical sociology from a rich roster of authors. A riveting read for both novices and the initiated!’

– Delia Baldassarri, New York University, US

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Handbook of Return Migration

Edited by Russell King, University of Sussex, UK and Katie Kuschminder, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

‘Return migration used to be the Cinderella of migration studies. This Handbook is an indispensable corrective, containing a marvellously rich and diverse collection of case studies together with a “state of the art” review of the relevant literature by the editors.’

– Robin Cohen, University of Oxford, UK

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The Sharing Economy in Europe: Developments, Practices, and Contradictions

This open access book considers the development of the sharing and collaborative economy with a European focus, mapping across economic sectors, and country-specific case studies. It looks at the roles the sharing economy plays in sharing and redistribution of goods and services across the population in order to maximise their functionality, monetary exchange, and other aspects important to societies.

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Encyclopedia of Gerontology and Population Aging

This encyclopedia brings together a comprehensive collection of work highlighting established research and emerging science in all relevant disciplines in gerontology and population aging. It covers the breadth of the field, gives readers access to all major sub-fields, and illustrates their interconnectedness with other disciplines.

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Demographic Analysis: Selected Concepts, Tools, and Applications

Demographic Analysis - Selected Concepts, Tools, and Applications presents basic definitions, practical techniques, and methods, as well as examples of studies based on the usage of demographic analysis in various institutions and economic entities. The volume covers studies related to population distribution, urbanization, migration, population change and dynamics, aging, longevity, population theories, and population projections.

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The Collaborative Economy in Action: European Perspectives

Klimczuk, A., Česnuitytė, V., & Avram, G. (Eds.). (2021). The Collaborative Economy in Action: European Perspectives. University of Limerick.

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Political Invisibility and Mobilization: Women against State Violence in Argentina, Yugoslavia, and Liberia

Political Invisibility and Mobilization explores the unseen opportunities available to those considered irrelevant and disregarded during periods of violent repression. In a comparative study of three women’s peace movements, in Argentina, the former Yugoslavia, and Liberia, the concept of political invisibility is developed to identify the unexpected beneficial effects of marginalization in the face of regime violence and civil war.

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