Social Probems in Southern Europe

Edited by Francisco Entrena-Durán, Rosa M. Soriano-Miras and Ricardo Duque-Calvache, University of Granada, Spain

‘This book brings together a diversity of approaches focused on a broad range of social problems confronting Southern European societies. Students and scholars interested in understanding the changing dynamics of education, employment, environmental degradation, the crisis of political legitimacy and more in the region will find this book to be a handy reference.’

– Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo, University of Southern California, US

As the European Union continues to struggle to establish a common agenda on tackling social problems, this compelling book presents a set of comparative sociological studies in southern European countries from leading scholars working in the region.

While political and sociological discussion is frequently focused on northern EU member states, this book widens the debate by looking at a series of specific social problems of southern Europe. Contributors examine pressing social issues, such as social unrest, Islamophobia, childhood and educational needs, deindustrialization, unemployment and environmental degradation, addressing not only the implications of these issues but also their societal perception and their impact on national and regional identities. Chapters highlight shared trends and critical regional disparities that may improve our understanding of social problems in Mediterranean welfare states.

Featuring key research from leading academics in the field, this book is crucial reading for scholars of sociology and social policy working in the field of social problems, particularly those focused on southern Europe. It will also be beneficial to policymakers working in the region who are in need of fresh empirical insights into the social fabric of southern European societies.

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