Research Handbook on Environmental Sociology

Edited by Axel Franzen and Sebastian Mader, University of Bern, Switzerland

‘Climate change is humankind’s ultimate challenge. It is our behaviour that is causing the climate disaster, because our ancestors were selected to turn resources maximally into offspring. Our evolved heritage are ruthless harvesting strategies that need to be changed to pro-social, pro-environmental attitudes. Sociology provides the core requirements for solving this problem. Here we learn the most recent results of cutting-edge research on causes, consequences and solutions. This book may help us to survive the challenge.’

– Manfred Milinski, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Germany

Contributors: H. Best, P. Bigler, A.-B. Blankenberg, A. Diekmann, S. Drews,  M. Farsi, A. Franzen, J. Gottschalk, H. Huntington, J. Kenny, B. Liddle, U. Liebe, C. Lübke, S. Mader, T. Milfont, M. Milinski, L. Ott, P. Preisendörfer, D. Radulescu, T. Rüttenauer, I. Stadelmann, P. Thalmann, F. Thiel, K. Van den Broek, S. Weber 

2021  360 Hardback  978 1 80037 044 9  
Also available in eBook format

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