Corporatism since the Great Recession

Mikkel Mailand, University of Copenhagen, Denmark 

‘This book provides a needed sober analysis of the state of corporatism since the Great Recession. Carefully tracing tripartite policy-making in Denmark, the Netherlands and Austria, it shows how and why social partners continue to play an important role in small European countries despite economic crisis, globalisation and Neoliberalism. The book is ideal for students and researchers in comparative politics, comparative political economy, employment relations and comparative sociology.’

– Christian Lyhne Ibsen, Michigan State University, US

'Mikkel Mailand’s book provides an important and welcome addition to the existing scholarship on corporatism and tripartite policy policymaking. His theoretically grounded framework informs his detailed and careful empirical analysis of the role of tripartism in the Netherlands, Austria, and Denmark since the Great Recession. Mailand reminds us that despite conventional wisdom, tripartite agreements are not dead, and identifies core factors that encourage continued corporate policy making. The book makes an important contribution not just to scholars interested in the country case studies, but also to those engaged in the theoretical discussion of the future of corporatism.’

– Kerstin Hamann, University of Central Florida, US

‘Will the triple threats of globalization, neoliberalism and deindustrialization put an end to the labor market coordination that once enabled high levels of growth and equality? This deeply revealing and well-researched book suggests that cooperative arrangements remain a fact of life in Denmark, the Netherlands and Austria. Strong state bureaucrats mobilize well-organized social partners to embrace higher rather than lower levels of coordination to cope with economic challenges. Corporatism since the Great Recession is a must-read for anyone searching for win-win solutions to the anxieties of our contemporary world.’

– Cathie Jo Martin, Boston University, US

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