PhD Programme in Studies on Organized Crime

June 24, 2019

The University of Milan (Italy) has opened a call for applying to the PhD Course on "Studies in Organized Crime". 

The doctoral programme in Studies on Organized Crime aims to fulfill the need for highly specialized individuals in a field of such complexity and importance that new scientific know-how, as well as professional profiles and sensibilities, are required. It also aims to provide students with the knowledge (in sociology, history, law, economics, political science, etc.) required to identify, define and contrast manifestations of organized crime, even within the scope of prevention, on the basis of sound theoretical foundations and appropriate methodological approaches.

It foresees several research lines in the field of Mafia and organized crime, corruption, illegal markets, trafficking in human beings, migration flows and role of organized crime networks, anti-mafia movements, methodology related to field research, gender issues and prevention measures: for a full list of research lines pls. see

The Phd is held mostly in Italian and 4 fellowships of 3 years each are granted.

Deadline: Applications should be submitted within 24 June 2019 at 12.

For further information on enrollment procedures and to download the application see: