V Aragonese Conference on Sociology STRANGE LOOKS FOR ANOMALOUS TIMES


The 21st century seems to have turned anomaly into a way of life. It all started with the Terror War, afterthe attack on the Twin Towers on September 11th, 2001, with which there was a considerable deterioration of the rights andpolitical freedoms, as well as important changes in international relations. Later came the economic crisisof 2008, which did the samewith social rights, swept away at a stroke to save an economy increasinglyspeculative and producer of inequality. We are now immersed in a global pandemic, caused by thespread of an unknown virus, which is bringing an impoverishment of civil life as hasnot been seen since thetime of the great wars. In all cases, the failure of security has freed different kinds ofuncertainty and vulnerability that have ended up adding to each other, while the measures adopted by theGovernments, relying on the expert knowledge provided by science, have barely solved anything.

Thinking of times so far removed from any normality demands equally strange looks that defyconventions to use. This is our intention in the V Aragonese Sociology Conference organized by the AssociationAragonese of Sociology, member of the European Sociological Associastion. For this we have invited 5 speakers who will offer us their particular vision ondifferent topics that, although not all of them are strange to sociology, the views they propose to us are. MaybeThese times require, instead of recovering that normality from which all the anomalies that today aroseravage, new ways of thinking overturned on different angles or phenomena, to help glimpse areally new normality. Maybe our guests will help us

March, 11th, Thursday, at18,00 h.

Julián Cárdenas, Professor ofSociología, University of Valencia(Spain).Redes, grandes empresas, corrupción y televisión(Networks, Large Companies, Corruption and Television)(Chair:Juan David Gómez)


April, 8th, Thursdaylas 18,00 h.

Amparo Lasén Díaz, Professor of Sociology, Complutense University ofMadrid(Spain)Vergüenzas en las prácticas visuales digitales: una aproximación afectiva a lo ordinario digital.(Embarrassments in Digital Visual Practices. An Affective Approach to the Ordinary Digital)(Chair:José Angel Bergua)


April, 26tth, Monday, at 18,00 h.

Iñaki Martínez De Albéniz, Professor ofSociology, Universityof BasqueCountry(Spain)La perspectiva gastrológica: lo que hay entre el planeta y nuestro intestino(The Gastrological Perspective. What is between the Planet and our Intestines)(Chair:José Angel Bergua)Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85268702691?pwd=UmdhZW4yM1RRQVpFK3hvcTZyNVozZz09

May,6th, Thursday, at18,00h

Olatz González Abrisketa,Professorof Anthropology,Universityof BasqueCountrySolidaridades sexuales y vasallaje de género(Sexual Solidarity and Gender Vassalage)(Chair:José Angel Bergua)