Transition: Thirty years after

July 31, 2019

The Editorial Board of the Sociološki pregled/ Sociological Review, published by the Serbian Sociological Association (Belgrade), decided that the issue 3/2019 should be dedicated to post-socialist transition and post-transitional societies. This decision has been made since this year marks the 30th anniversary of the demolition of the Berlin Wall, which is usually taken as the beginning of the post-socialist transition. The thematic title of the issue is Transition: thirty years after, which leaves a wide area to consider this process, without any prejudice.

All papers are welcome - both theoretical and empirical in nature – which study:

  • the issues of the post-socialist transition strategy in different societies
  • the problems of neoliberal transition, as a strategy of its unfolding
  • the issues of the social structure of transitional countries before and after the transition
  • the results of a completed transition in different areas (social policy, education, science, culture, media, general standard, (de)industrialization, privatization, (un)employment, crime and terrorism issues, migration, the quality of life in general, the democratization of political life, the attitude towards the EU, etc.) and in different countries (in terms of case studies of transitional specifics and results of individual transitional countries)
  • Who are the losers, and who are the winners of transition?
  • did transition only mean modernization or/and retraditionalization and in what social segments
  • transition and transformation
  • political pluralism, social movements, civil society and post-socialist transition
  • human rights, especially socio-economic rights and transition
  • differences between post-socialist transitional countries and post-transitional countries (types of differences, their quantity, etc.)
  • the relation of transition and globalization; the relation of transition and Euro-Atlantic integration
  • methodological issues of transition research
  • and a number of other issues related to transition which are not listed here

Papers that problematize the question of a historical necessity of the collapse of the socialist model, as well as those that would offer an alternative to the present global capitalism, as a result of the transition process, are also welcome. We would be very grateful to colleagues from transitional and post-transitional countries to take part in this thematic issue of the Sociological Review.

Papers need to be registered online by creating an account via the Help system

You can send all questions and suggestions to the Editor-in-Chief at e-mail socioloskipregled [at], who is fully available to you.

Paper submission deadline: 31/07/2019.

Deadline for receiving a response on paper acceptance: 10/09/2019.

Languages: English and/or Serbian.

In hope of a successful cooperation, with respect Professor Uroš Šuvaković,PhD,  Editor in Chief