The Society and Covid-19

July 20, 2020


Sociološki pregled/ Sociological Review 54 (3)/2020

ISSN   0085-6320;    eISSN   2560-4880

Dear colleagues,

So far the COVID-19 pandemic has been explored from the perspectives of epidemiology, infectology, immunology and virology. However, epidemics and pandemics are at the same time the factors affecting not only individuals, but also mutual relationships among individuals, as well as the societies on the whole, their organization and social relations. Having that in mind, we would like to offer the opportunity, first of all to all sociologists (particularly those who deal with the sociology of health and illness, sociology of epidemics and pandemics, sociology of work, sociology of organization, sociology of family social ecology, sociology of education, social stratification, globalization studies, communication sociology and other related sociological disciplines) as well as political scientists, conflictologists, geo-political scientists, demographers, experts in the field of biopolitics and bioethics, medicine (primarily social medicine), macroeconomics or social studies in general, to present the results of their research – both theoretical and empirical – on the influence of this disease on the societies at the national and global levels.

Therefore we are inviting you to submit your papers for the theme edition of the journal Sociološki pregled/ Sociological Review LIV (3)/2020 entitled THE SOCIETY AND COVID-19.

Some of the topics we recommend for your consideration are:

- Causes of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak?

- Influence of COVID-19 on people’s everyday life

- The state during the time of crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic

- COVID-19 pandemic and attitude towards human rights and freedoms

- Organization of work and COVID-19 pandemic

- Industrial relations and COVID-19

- Global capitalism and COVID-19 pandemic

- Geopolitical consequences of COVID-19

- Public healthcare system and COVID-19 pandemic

- Family relations and COVID-19 pandemic

- Social changes in the educational system and COVID-19

- The elderly as the most frequent victims of COVID-19 pandemic

- Economy and COVID-19 pandemic

- Media: information and communication during COVID-19 pandemic

We would like to emphasize that we are also open for other topics which treat the questions of this disease pandemic from the aspect of social studies.

Guest-editor of this issue is Vladimir Vuletić, Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy, the University in Belgrade. For any further information you may contact him at: vlada.vuletic [at]


The papers will be subject to double-blind review. The accepted papers will be published in the Sociološki pregled / Sociological Review LIV (3)/2020.

The papers should be submitted in English.

The applications should be submitted through the electronic system