Midterm Conferences of the 37 Research Networks at the ESA

January 01, 2020

In 2020, all 37 ESA Research Networks organise midterm conferences across Europe.

Details about the conferences listed here below can be found on the ESA website on the pages of the Research Networks.

(last update of this list: 13 January 2020)


Global Social Change: Ideas and Interests

Midterm Conference of the RN15 – Global, transnational and cosmopolitan sociology

16-17 April 2020

Villa Tuscolana Park Hotel, Frascati, Italy


Sport, Diversity and Social Change

Midterm Conference of the RN28 – Society and Sports

18-21 May 2020

Solent University, Southampton, UK


Democratic struggles: contention, social movements and democracy

Midterm Conference of the RN25 – Social Movements

27-29 May 2020

University of Tartu, Estonia


The rise of AI society

Midterm Conference of the RN24 – Science and Technology

28-29 May 2020

Helsinki, Finland


En-Compass-ing Culture(s): Beyond East/West and South/North

Midterm Conference of the RN07 – Sociology of Culture

10-12 June 2020

University of Helsinki, Finland


Extended family relationships: What are they in late modernity?

Midterm Conference of the RN13 – Sociology of Families and Intimate Lives

15-17 June 2020

Palacký University, Olomouc, Czech Republic


Health and Healthcare in Europe: between inequalities and new opportunities

Midterm Conference and PhD Workshop of the RN16 – Sociology of Health and Illness

17-19 June 2020

Jagiellonian University, Poland


What’s Next? Critical Political Economy at the End of Neoliberalism?

Midterm Conference of the RN06 – Critical Political Economy

19-20 June 2020

University of Limerick, Ireland


Social theory as a vocation? State of affairs, risks, and promises

Midterm Conference of the RN29 – Social Theory

20-21 August 2020

University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Intersectional perspectives on diversity in occupations and professions: The role of the welfare state

Midterm Conference of the RN14 – Gender Relations in the Labour Market and the Welfare State

24-25 August 2020

University of Newcastle, Newcastle, UK



Midterm Conference of the RN11 – Sociology of Emotions

25-28 August 2020

Barcelona, Spain


Dynamics of Professions and Professionalism: Performance, Quality and Trust

Midterm Conference of the RN19 – Sociology of Professions

25-28 August 2020

Utrecht University School of Governance, the Netherlands


Ageing in context: Places, spaces and cultures of ageing

Midterm Conference and PhD Workshop of the RN01 – Ageing in Europe

26-28 August 2020

University of Jyväskylä, Finland


Religion and the urban, natural and virtual environments

Midterm Conference of the RN34 – Sociology of Religion

26-28 August 2020

University of Groningen, Netherlands


Citizenship and Consumption – All-powerful, all-powerless?

Midterm Conference of the RN05 – Sociology of Consumption

26-29 August 2020

Oslo Metropolitan University, Consumption Research Norway (SIFO), Norway


Urban Theory and Urban Praxis: Past, Present and Possible Futures

Midterm Conference of the RN37 – Urban Sociology

2-4 September 2020

University of Bologna, Italy


Categories, Transformations and Exchanges

Midterm Conference of the RN09 – Economic Sociology

7-9 September 2020

University of Warsaw Library, Poland


Energy Transition: Does the Mountain Give Birth to a Mouse

Midterm Conference of the RN12 – Environment and Society

8-10 September 2020

University of Trento, Italy


The Social Effects of Art

Midterm Conference of the RN02 – Sociology of the Arts

8-11 September 2020

University of the Arts Helsinki/Helsinki Music Center, Finland


Towards Reflexivity in Migration Studies. Knowledge Production in Times of Contested Politics and Post-Colonial Dynamics

Midterm Conference of the RN35 – Sociology of Migration

10-11 September 2020

Technical University Berlin, Germany


Making a Difference: the hope and promise of sexuality studies

Midterm Conference of the RN23 – Sexuality

24-25 September 2020

Centre for Social Studies, Coimbra, Portugal


Multidimensional Risks in the XXI Century

Midterm Conference of the RN22 – Sociology of Risk and Uncertainty

13-14 October 2020

University of Perugia, Italy


Back to the Future? European Progressions and Retrogressions

Midterm Conference of the RN32 – Political Sociology

29-31 October 2020

Maynooth University, Ireland