Mid-Term Conference of the Research Network of Sociology of Health & Illness European Sociological Association. Health and health care in Europe: between inequalities and new opportunities

November 01, 2019

After successful conferences in Lisbon (2016) and Torino (2018), the Mid-term Conference of the Research Network of Sociology of Health and Illness, European Sociological Association (ESA RN16) will be hosted by Jagiellonian University, the oldest university in Poland. In magical Kraków we will undoubtedly enjoy a fruitful, academically inspiring and engaging conference. We will have a comfortable conference venue, delicious and healthy cuisine, beautiful historical monuments, nice hotel base and a friendly, supportive atmosphere. We plan to make the conference full of inspiring presentations, relevant discussions and lively networking opportunities. Health is one of the most important goods for individuals and societies. That is why discussion about health and health care should be treated as crucial. The goal of our conference is to gather together scholars who are conducting research in the field of health and health care. We are going to tackle with the problems of inequalities and focus on new opportunities for addressing them. Sociology has been concerned with inequality from its very beginnings. Inequality means the uneven distribution of goods. One of the most important good is health, but social factors such as education, employment status, income level, gender, ethnicity, and age influence health status and access to care. The task of policy makers is to reduce inequalities, which means giving everyone the same opportunities to lead a healthy life. But the task for sociologists is to research and explain what does, or could, cause inequalities and to propose solutions. We know that education, employment status, income level, gender and ethnicity and other factors have a great impact on life expectancy and quality of life. In modern Europe all these social factors are fuelled by migration, political tribulations and the neoliberal economy. Value crises, risk, and individualism do not help. Developments in medicine, in medical technology and biotechnology, new treatments and new procedures and everything which become an opportunity to cure and care can be a source of further inequalities. That is why involving social science, in particular sociology, in the discourse about health and health care is important. We invite colleagues from Europe and around the Globe in the field of health and illness to consider submitting session proposals for the ESA RN16 Mid-term Conference. We welcome sessions on (but not limited to) the following themes: - Disability; - Mental Health; - Chronic illness; - Biotechnologies; - Vaccination; - Health professionals; - Health care organizations; - Health policies; - Gender, class, ethnicity; - Migration; - Childhood and the life course; - Ageing and dying. The session proposals must include: i) the title of the session; ii) an abstract describing the scope of the session (máx. 250 words); iii) name(s) of the session organizers and their affiliations. Please be aware that all session organizers would be responsible for the selection of the abstracts, contact with authors, and the chairing of the session (e.g. 90 mins).

Please submit proposals by 1 st November 2019 to both newsletter.rn16esa [at] gmail.com and mariaswiatkiewiczmosny [at] gmail.com .