ESA RN33 Women's and Gender Studies Mid-term Conference, Milan, 13-14 June 2022


Feminists and gender researchers are increasingly working to provide perspectives
capable of analyzing and understanding changing gender relations, to inspire innovative
theories and practices in new and established feminisms and to encourage reflexivity.
The pandemic has increased this need due to the ambivalent effects of COVID-19,
which has magnified socio-economic inequalities and, at the same time, has fostered
new socio-economic and cultural practices that are affecting women and men
differently. This Conference encourages participants to both approach contemporary
social, economic, political, cultural and climate-related challenges from a
gender-sensitive perspective, and to reflect upon the future of feminism and gender
research in times of global crises. The Organizers look forward to seeing proposals for
conference papers that reflect upon feminist responses to current world problems and
contribute to the establishment of a dialogue between feminism and future studies.

Submissions are open for contributed papers focusing on the following and related
Feminism, Sustainability and Climate Change;
Nature/culture Issues in Feminist and Gender Research;
Social Reproduction and New Technologies;
Gender, Care and Mobility;
Gender and Migration;
Gender, Health and Wellbeing;
Gender-based Violence and Harassment;
Gender, Sexuality and Social Control;
Gender, Poverty and Social Exclusion;
Gender, Intersectionality and Multiple Vulnerabilities;
Women and New Forms of Discrimination;
Gender (In)Equality in Academia;
Gender, Politics and Social Media;
Gender and Generations;
Gender Mainstreaming and Social Policies;
Global Trends in LGBTQ+ Rights and Issues;
Gender Perspectives on Post pandemic Futures.
Paper proposals including a transnational and/or comparative perspective are particularly welcome.