Education systems, institutional characteristics and inequalities

March 15, 2019

Guest editors: Christiane Gross & Andreas Hadjar

The journal International Journal of Comparative Sociology invites contributions to a special issue that analyzes the effect of education systems and their characteristics (e.g. stratification, standardization, vocational specificity) on educational inequalities and inequalities in status attainment structured by ascriptive characteristics such as social origin, gender, ethnicity or ability.

We invite a broad range of approaches including theory-driven empirical studies and theoretical developments:

  • The empirical studies could cover a comparison of a small number of education systems as well as (multilevel) analyses of large-scale data sets covering many countries such as ESS, SILC, PISA or PIAAC. A comparative nature of contributions is essential, although this does not necessarily need to relate to countries, but can also involve comparing different time periods or regional units within a country.
  • The theoretical developments should go beyond a description and summary of well-known theoretical approaches on either micro (students, teachers, parents) or macro level (education system) and offer cutting-edge ideas on how to explain the macro-micro link.

The deadline for submission of a full paper is 15 March 2019. To submit your paper, pleaseā€¦

  1. Upload your manuscript using: and
  2. Send basic information about your submission including title of the manuscript, names and affiliations of all authors, and abstract to Christiane Gross (christiane.gross [at] and Andreas Hadjar (andreas.hadjar [at] via email.

All contributions will be subject to the usual peer review procedure of the International Journal of Comparative Sociology involving the home editor and at least three reviewers.