Correlation between social and cultural factors and mental health and mental disorders

January 30, 2019

Since 2006, when the Serbian government adopted the proposal for a mental health strategy and action plan, where it was underlined that "mental health is a national capital", initiative for the reform of the mental health protection in the region of  Southeastern Europe evolved as a response to the growing understanding of  how serious and complex the problems in the field of mental health protection in post-conflict countries and countries in transition are, but although more than 10 years have passed  no significant changes are seen in Serbia.

The number of alcohol and other psychoactive substances users among young people increased every year, suicides in the elderly population also increased, depression and anxiety-depressive disorders are increasing, the number of deaths caused by the consumption of synthetic drugs in the adolescent population is rapidly growing, posttraumatic stress disorder in war veterans became chronic. We believe that now is the right time to invite you to write a paper on the correlation between social and cultural factors and mental health and mental disorders, because socio-economic circumstances influence the increase of stress, and require adaptation of an individual which can often be difficult or unsuccessful. Therefore, sociologists should be consulted about Strategies (for mental health care, drugs, prevention of drug abuse ...), because in the strategies it is underlined that in conditions of transition and socio-economic crisis drug abuse is increasing and it is becoming a significant socio-medical problem.

Because these problems are certainly not limited to Serbia only, papers by experts from other countries that are facing similar problems are welcome.

Editorial Board invites sociologists, social psychologists and social psychiatrists, as well as experts from other areas of social sciences who deal with these and related issues to discuss together:

  • Sociological theories about mental health
  • Sociological theories about mental disorders
  • Social psychological theories about mental health
  • Social psychological theories about mental disorders
  • Healthy life styles
  • Empirically explore the correlation of social and cultural factors with mental health
  • Empirically explore the correlation between social and cultural factors with the onset and development of mental disorders: psychosis, neurosis, alcoholism, drug addiction and other addictions
  • Suicide
  • Assisted suicide (euthanasia)
  • Adequate services in mental health institutions
  • Analysis of the work of psychiatric institutions
  • Prevention of psychological disorders
  • Ethical and legal issues of social attitudes towards mental disorders

It is also possible to discuss, theoretically or empirically, all other issues in the field to which this thematic issue is dedicated.

Papers should be submitted by 30.01.2019. through the electronic application, using this link

All necessary instructions can be found on the same link or on the website of the Sociological Review 

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Guest editor of the thematic issue 1/2019

Prof. Dr. Slađana Dragišić Labaš

Univesity of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy

Department of Sociology