CfP: Sociology and Space special issue on war in Ukraine


SOCIOLOGY AND SPACE – Invitation for authors’ contributions to the journal’s special issue triggered by the war in Ukraine

Deeply aware of the emotional dimension of the experience that the war in Ukraine caused globally, and sympathising with all the victims, we are also aware that the causes of war shall never be understood without research and analyses tackling it from various positions: military, geopolitical, economic, sociological, psychological or diplomatic. We shall never understand the tragedy in Ukraine without exploring historical archive documents, demographic movements, the political context, social dynam‑ ics, religion and science, culture, education and technology. Historical lessons, as well as current insights on the Eurasian areas, play a key role in understanding the development and future of communities and new generations. The main preconditions for new insights into the war on the European ground need to be based on the scientific knowledge and facts that surround and permeate the current war strategy and the political and social situation.

The problem is that war documenting is often taken for granted, without giving enough attention and space to identify primary sources and origins of the conflict, those that have brought along the devastating and long-lasting consequences. This is why the war in Ukraine clearly shows that assessments based on established premises in contemporary politics can often be wrong and can lead to wrong approaches to solving the accumulated problems. Otherwise, war tragedies of such proportions would not occur in the 21st century.

The comprehension of primary scientific sources and analytical methods necessary for the interpretation and new insights thus become a precondition for defining the multidimensionality of war catastrophes in contemporary social sciences. We, therefore, need to point to the scientific character of the data “coming from the battlefield“ and the “information on the nature of the conflict“, and we need to unveil the “secrets“ of the military archives that can shed light on the destruction of human lives and destruction of living spaces.

Therefore, the journal Sociology and Space points out the importance of a scientific research approach in exploring and analysing the most broadly understood, socially conditioned causes and effects of the conflict. This opens up a space for describing the war through analyses, syntheses and critical reflection regarding the historical and contemporary notions of various modalities of facing war catastrophes.

Additionally, the journal provides space for an illustrative and exhaustive list of poten‑ tial topics for all scientists, which includes: matters of foreign policy, defence, intelligence services, war strategies, irregular warfare and crimes, public health, development of new technologies of hybrid warfare, security and the history of the state, church and culture. Furthermore, we are open to ethical questions, analyses of historical documents, the role of media and communications, involvement of civil society in facing the war and its consequences, the role of international missions in establishing the facts, as well as the role of international tribunals.

Submission guidelines: Interested candidates need to send an abstract of up to 500 words and a CV on one page to the e-mail address: sip[at], not later than 1 September 2022. The special issue of the journal with accepted papers will be published in September 2023 at the latest.

Editors: Mirko Bilandžić and Ankica Marinović