CfP LGBT+ policy: sociological review


The idea of the Editorial board of Sociološki pregled / Sociological Review is to speak once again about the topic of LGBT+ policy, both in Serbia and in the world, primarily from the sociological perspective. Is the class analysis applicable (at least partly) in the explanation of this phenomenon? Can the theories of the world capitalist system or concepts of (neo)imperialism, (neo)colonialism and cultural hegemony be used? What are true social effects (from demographic to cultural ones) of the so-called LGBT+ legislation in the “pioneer” countries? To what extent is such legislation actually subject to rational argumentation? Or is it rather an externally determined agenda in which the discussion field is still narrowed by the requirements for political correctness? However, these and other questions are waiting for sociological answers or at least for establishing theses and shaping platforms for further scholarly research.

We are inviting you to submit your texts, written in line with the common standards of our journal, until 1st June 2021 through the following platform: This is the link to the home page for submitting papers, where you will also find detailed Instructions for authors. The papers which pass the double blind review procedure will be published in the Sociološki pregled / Sociological Review 55 (3)/2021.

We hope that all of us together will make at least a small step forward in the cumulative growth of scholarly knowledge, but also in continuing and preserving the tradition of critical and engaged sociology.

Guest-editor of this edition is Professor Slobodan Antonić, PhD, University of Belgrade –Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Sociology.