CFP - Journal Societies: Family and Social Environment on Shaping Juvenile Growth


The COVID 19 pandemic has a strong influence on young people’s relations with family and peers, schooling practices, leisure activities, inclusion, and participation in the social community and social networks. The adverse socioeconomic effect of the pandemic and the increasing poverty, (mental) health risks, remote schooling, and social isolation from peers and friends transform the role of family and the social environment in shaping young people’s lives.

We invite theoretical, methodological, and empirical papers focused on the diverse experiences of young people, growing up in families with a different structure and composition and socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. Young people’s health and wellbeing, leisure activities and relationships with peers, social media communication, violence and juvenile delinquency, policy framing of the risks and adversities, interventions, and services, targeting young people and their families are topics that fall within the scope of the Special Issue.

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