Call for Participation: Evidence for Society. Transforming the future of European people through research

Brussels, Belgium

8 November 2017

The Conference “Evidence for Society. Transforming the future of European people through research” (November 8) is jointly organized by the IMPACT-EV Consortium and Ms Soledad Cabezón, Member of the European Parliament, who has coordinated the Report on the assessment of Horizon 2020 implementation in view of its interim evaluation and the Framework Programme 9 proposal (2016/2147(INI)).

The conference room counts with 163 seats distributed for a diversity of attendants: MEPs, representatives of EU member countries’ parliaments, scientists, and science managers as well as end-users involved or with an interest in the social impact of EU research. Due to the room’s limited capacity, if you are interested in attending the conference, please let us know by answering this e-mail to your earliest convenience.

From 3pm to 6pm Evidence of the social impact achieved by EU funded projects will be presented by different agents including scientists, policy makers representing different levels of policy implementation – regional, national, and European- as well as end-users who have benefited from the social impact of EU research.

The FP7 IMPACT-EV project is addressed to mapping and evaluating impact of research in Europe. This project has analyzed the impact of EU FPs’ funded research projects identifying the scientific impact but particularly focusing on the political and social impacts of these research projects.

You can find more information about the conference on the Website: or on Twitter: #evidence4society; Facebook: Please do not hesitate to contact us for any detail you might need or further queries.

Ramon Flecha (IMPACT-EV Main researcher), Soledad Cabezón (Member of the European Parliament)