Manchester Food Guide online

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

A food guide for the city of Manchester written by Elisa Pieri and Alan Warde (University of Manchester) can be found in the "Survival Kit"

If you arrive in Manchester thinking British food is dull and uninspiring, you are in for a pleasant surprise!

Without the clout and queues of the eateries in world food capitals like Paris, Copenhagen or Osaka, nor the penchant for extreme taste combinations found in Sao Paulo street food or South African barbecues, the food scene in Manchester is nevertheless cosmopolitan, bubbly and exciting!

Cafes and restaurants on and around the conference campus provide good take away food and some modestly priced chains and independents. These will provide varied options for lunch, including Indian, Middle Eastern, vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Read the full guide put together by Elisa Pieri, member of the Local Organising Committee, and Alan Warde, co-founder of the ESA's Research Network 05 Sociology of Consumption, in the Survival Kit section of this conference website!