ESA President interviewed for the Spanish newspaper "Público"

In the interview, Marta Soler clarifies the relevance of sociology to create a new normal life for a new Europe in and after the coronavirus crisis.

Marta Soler, President of the European Sociological Association, has been interviewed by the Spanish newspaper Público about the social consequences of the coronavirus crisis.

In the interview she discusses what may be a new normal life for a new Europe, with a focus on rethinking models of production, strengthening public health systems, rising environmental consciousness and not forgetting the gender perspective, all of which she states that sociologists are contributing to. She also insists on the importance of policy makers paying more attention to the evidences from scientific research.

Read here the full article by Guillermo Martínez:

La nueva normalidad acarreará más desigualdad y nuevas formas de relacionarnos – Entrevista con Marta Soler”, 11/05/2020 (in Spanish)