ESA 2019: Room change for the General Assembly

The General Assembly on Friday, 23 August, 12:45-13:45 is now scheduled for The Bridgewater Hall!

All ESA Members are welcome to attend the General Assembly - in order to ensure that really everyone can be a part of this meeting, the location has been changed.

The General Assembly is no longer in room BS.G.36 but in The Bridgewater Hall (the venue for the evening Plenaries).

Please help spread the news!


1. Opening - President’s report including conference report
2. Treasurer's report
3. Voting on Statutes and By-Laws
4. Results of the ESA Elections - Research Networks Council Chair, National Associations Council Chair, Executive Committee, President
5. Short introduction of the new President
6. Announcement of the 15th ESA Conference 2021

Not all sub-committee reports will be presented during the GA. Those reports are available in a PDF document - GA 2019 Reports. In this document, you can also find the new By-Laws, revised after the consultation process in June-July 2019 in which many of you participated. This proposal will be put to the vote of the GA in Manchester.