Abstract Submission

Abstract submission for the ESA 2021 conference is now open via Conftool: https://www.conftool.pro/esa2021

Scroll down for the Call for Papers, published in updated in February 2021.

Notes for Authors

  • Please DO NOT send us a full copy of your paper (neither before nor after the conference).
  • Abstracts sent by email cannot be accepted.
  • Authors are invited to submit their abstract either to a Research Network (RN), a Joint Session (JS), a Research Stream (RS) or a Semi-Plenary (SP). Note that:
    • submitters of a SP abstract must hold a PhD (extended dealidline: March 1st, 2021).
    • all accepted abstracts not selected for the SP will be switched to the organising RN.
  • Each participant can submit and present one paper as first author.
    • The submitting author will be considered the presenting author.*
    • There are NO limitations for co-authoring/co-authorship.
    • For those submitting for the summer school, this will be considered their main contribution; but they can still be co-authors of abstracts submitted to the main conference (no limitation).
    • At a later stage, participants will be allowed to update who the presenter will be in each submission.
  • Abstracts should:
  • Abstracts will be peer-reviewed and selected for presentation by the RN/RS/SP coordinators.
  • The ESA membership is not mandatory, except for RN/RS/SP coordinators and session chairs as well as all RN board members and the ESA Executive Committee. Note that ESA members benefit from reduced conference fees!

IMPORTANT: Accepted authors/co-authors have to register as participants if they want to present their paper at the conference and appear in the Book of Abstracts. We will withdraw papers by non-registered authors and non-registered authors from ConfTool after this date.

* If you have made another submission for which you are not the presenter, Conftool will not allow you to make a submission as main author. Please withdraw the first submission and have the presenter submit it, or contact us at esa2021[at] europeansociology.org

Abstract submission - extension of deadline:

March 1st, 2021