Bids for ESA Conference

16th ESA Conference 

Would you like to host the 16th ESA Conference?
The conferences of the ESA are biannual and take place in a different European country each time.
Previous conference locations were: Vienna 1992, Budapest 1995, Essex 1997, Amsterdam 1999,
Helsinki 2001, Murcia 2003, Torun 2005, Glasgow 2007, Lisbon 2009, Geneva 2011, Turin 2013, Prague 2015, Athens 2017, Manchester 2019 and Barcelona 2021 (online). We are currently inviting bids from parties wishing to host the next conference. We are reopening the call as the number of bids received has been insufficient.
The deadline for submitting proposals is December, 15th, 2021.
As recent ESA conferences have been attended by some 3000 delegates, the venue must have sufficient capacity in terms of meeting rooms and catering facilities. Rooms have to be provided by the hosting institution/university. Furthermore, the city should be well connected.