2021_ESA_ Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct
for the ESA Executive Committee Members and Employees

According to Article 13 of the ESA Statutes, the activities of the ESA are ruled by its Statutes and By-Laws. The ESA commits itself to complying with the Association’s Ethical Guidelines, designed to inform its conduct in all its activities.
This Code of Conduct for ESA Executive Committee members and employees regulates issues not encompassed by the ESA Ethical Guidelines.
The ESA complies with all applicable laws and regulations and expects members of the Executive Committee and employees to conduct activities in accordance with the letter and spirit of all relevant laws; to refrain from any illegal, dishonest, or unethical conduct; to act in a professional, transparent manner; and to treat others with respect.
In general, the use of good judgment based on high ethical principles shall guide members of the Executive Committee and employees with regards to the boundary lines of acceptable conduct. If, however, a situation arises whereby it is difficult to determine the proper course of conduct, or questions arise concerning the propriety of certain conduct by an individual or others, then employees shall bring the matter to the attention of the President of the ESA in a timely manner. Executive Committee members shall raise any such concerns with the Executive Committee. With regards to all questions involving conduct, the President of the ESA and the Executive Committee will make relevant determinations and decisions (excluding the participation of an individual whose conduct is at issue).
The following principles expound the values that guide the conduct of the members of the Executive Committee and ESA employees:

1. Accept as a personal duty the responsibility to remain up-to-date on emerging issues and to act with professional competence, fairness, impartiality, efficiency, and effectiveness.

2. Respect the structure and responsibilities of the ESA, provide the ESA’s President and/or Executive Committee with facts and advice as a basis for policymaking decisions, and uphold and implement relevant policies.

3. Keep the community informed about issues affecting it.

4. Conduct organizational or operational duties with a positive attitude exemplified by open communication, transparency, creativity, dedication, and compassion.

5. Serve with respect, concern, courtesy, and responsiveness in carrying out the ESA mission.

6. Participate in the decision-making process with an inclusive attitude.

7. Demonstrate the highest standards of personal integrity, truthfulness, honesty, and fortitude in all activities in order to inspire confidence and trust in ESA activities.

8. Avoid any interest or activity which might be in conflict with the conduct of duties of the Executive Committee members or ESA employees.

9. Respect and protect privileged information to which access has been obtained in the course of official duties.

10. Strive for personal and professional excellence and encourage the professional development of others.