Candidates for Chair of the Council of National Associations

Maria Carmela Agodi | University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Maria Carmela Agodi is Professor of Sociology at the University of Naples Federico II (Italy). She is currently the President of the Italian Sociological Association (AIS). In ESA she has been participating in the scientific activities of many RNs (especially, RN33, RN24, RN27). She was elected as member of ESA Executive Committee for two mandates (2011-2015) and was the Chair of ESA RN 33 “Women’s and Gender Studies” for three (2012-2016). While standing in the ESA Executive Committee, she showed a specific attention to the interconnections to be fostered among the Sociological National Associations. She organized the Pre-Conference Event in Turin (2013), she co-authored the first Survey about the National Associations of Sociology in Europe (Cipriani et al.2015), and contributed to the organization of the first joint Conference between ESA and AIS in 2015 in Naples. In 2019 she was elected as the Chair of the Council of National Associations and in the past two years, notwithstanding the situation generated by the pandemic, she has contributed to give the National Associations a more important role in the institutional life of ESA.