ESA 2021 Elections

Elections for Presidency, Executive Committee, Chair of RN Council, Chair of NA Council

Regular members in good standing will be able to elect the 14 members of the Executive Committee and the President of ESA. Candidates should be supported by members of the Executive Committee, of Research Networks, of National Associations or by individual members of ESA. These elections will take place through electronic voting.

Calendar of the Elections:

  • 19 May - 19 July: presentation of candidates
  • 2 August: publication of candidates
  • 19 August - 2 Sept: electronic voting
  • 3 September: General Assembly

Representatives of the Research Networks and the National Associations will be able to elect the Chairperson of their corresponding Council. These elections will take place through electronic voting during the bi-annual meeting of the Council of RN and the Council of NA at the 15th ESA Conference on August 31st. 

In order to propose candidates, please use the Nomination forms (see links below) and follow the instructions.

The electronic voting procedures for these elections will be informed to all ESA members in due course.

Nominations Committee:

  • Teresa Carvalho
  • Dalila Cerejo
  • Fiammetta Fanizza
  • Peter Holley
  • Tomas Kostelecky (Chair)
  • Andrea Maurer
  • Lisa Moran
  • Elisabetta Ruspini
  • Marta Soler


NOMINATION FORM - Presidency & ExeC