APRIL 17th-18th


For the Barcelona Conference hackathon, participants are invited to get together to develop ideas in different areas related to the conference, considering also that the conference will take a hybrid format.


To promote initiatives to be developed in the context of a hybrid format for the ESA 2021 conference.  

Below you can find the proposed areas. Note that you will be asked to choose one or more of these when registering. Within each area you can find suggestions to orient the development of your ideas. However, these are not prescriptive:  

Area01. Leisure and culture activities ? 

  • Online walks & tours 
  • On-site walks & tours 
  • Online going-out 
  • On-site going-out 
  • Activities for families 
  • Beyond Barcelona 

Area02. Junior sociologists ‍? 

  • Peer networking 
  • Peer career prospects 
  • Peer support 
  • Peer mentoring 

Area03. Networking ? 

  • Publishers 
  • Research networks 

Area04. Logistics ? 

  • Accommodation 
  • Transportation 
  • Volunteers 
  • Accessibility and inclusion 

Area05. Purple point ? 

  • Stop harassment 
  • Equality 

Area06. Communication ? 

  • Online platforms 
  • Social media communication strategy  
  • Conference dissemination 

Area07. Other ? 

The agenda will be found here: https://bit.ly/32gt0dsAll time infos are given in CEST/GMT+2 timezone.  

Registration is open to everyone.

To register for the #ESAHackathon please complete the online form. Then you will receive and invite to Discord, where all communication with the organizers and other participants will be centralized. 

More info on Discord below. 

For this Hackathon, we will use Discord for communications, Forms for registration and submission of ideas and online video platforms (e.g. Youtube, Vimeo) to host the video that is part of your submission.  

Over the following days we will send you an invite email to our Discord workspace. All channels (explained below) are open; please feel free to muting/unmuting them, according to your preferences. 

To make it easier to identify you, set your status as: 

  • ? Mentor 
  • ❤️ Organizers 
  • Participants: choose the emoji of your area  

Also, please fill-in your Discord profile: 

  • First & Last Name 
  • Organization / Team - so we know who you are 
  • Upload your photo - so we know how you look like 

Discord Channels 

We set up an easy to use Discord Workspace with channels that will help you have a great experience during this hackathon. 

Please respect others and don’t spam those channels even if you could.  

Use Threads in Discord as they redirect the conversations outside of the main thread, which helps to reduce the speed with which information is coming in. 

General Channels 

  • Welcome esaHackathon 

    • #0-announcements: Here you will get news during the whole hackathon. 

    • #0-code-of-conduct: ESA will follow ICA’s Guiding Principles, the ESA is committed to the elimination of discrimination and the equitable treatment of all individuals. 

    • #agenda: 

  • General Information Channels 

    • #0-how-to-form-a-team: Helping you to understand how to create a team on Discord so you can chat with your teammates in private. 

    • #0-useful-tools-resources: Some tools we think might be helpful for your team. 

    • #0-how-to-submit-your-solution: Informs you on how to deliver your final solution - more infos about this are also in this document. 

    • #0-ask-organizers: Our team of organizers are here to you find your way in and around the hackathon. 

We prefixed these channels with “0” so that Discord sorts them to the very top for you #lifehack ? 

  • General exchange channels 

    • #introduceyourself 

    • #selfie-channel: How’s your workspace setup? 

    • #brainmarket: Are you on the look-out for someone with a specific skill? Do you have some unique superpowers, this is your place to find team members across areas. 

  • Area Channels 

In these channels you will find our domain leads and domain boards, which will keep you up to date and share their expertise. 

  • #area01-Leisure-Culture-activities 
  • #area02-Junior-Sociologists 
  • #area03-Networking 
  • #area04-Logistics 
  • #area05-Purple point 
  • #area06-Communication 
  • #area07-other 

Within each of the area channels, you will find:

  • #a01-area-info: This channel allows teams to request area-specific input and start conversation with those in your area. 

  • #a01-search-team: If you are a team and you are searching for a team or specific type of person to join your team, then please post it here. 

  • #a01-mentors: participants that signed in as mentors, will be available in this channel to provide their support. 

  • #a01-report-spam: If you see someone spamming please @mention them here and state in which channel the person is spamming and we will take care of it. 

Team Channels 

All teams can create a public team channels. This channel will be your easy way to get in touch with the Organizers for any questions or matters.  

Please use the following logic for naming convention: 

  • #team-a[area id]-[projectname] 

  • for a team working with the area “logistics” (a04) with the project name “super efficient”, their channel name should be: #team-a04-SuperEfficient  

Feel free to create your own private channels in Discord where you can invite others to join you on a solution you want to work on. This way you can chat in private and don’t get distracted by other participants. But always keep an eye on your team's public channel. 

Participant - any participant in the ESA hackathon.  

Team - A group between 2-10 participants working on a specific idea. 

Mentor - A person with expertise in one or more fields, who is able to support a team with a specific problem or need. The skill Mentor is committed to investing time throughout the weekend to assist in the growth and development of others.  

Organizers - the organisational unit synchronising all work

This hackathon is aimed at contributing new ideas towards the organization of #esa2021BCN. You can use these areas as a guidance, but also contribute ideas in areas that were not foreseen. You can also develop and submit more than one idea with your group, or with different groups. The bottomline is: there are no restrictions!  

IMPORTANT: You must first register as a participant through the following form, before you can join our Discord workspace where you gain access to the community. 

All team members must register, and then create a team channel on discord. This is how you formally create your team. Remember to use the following logic for naming convention: 

  • #team-a[area id]-[projectname] 
  • for a team working with the area “logistics” (a04) with the project name “super efficient”, their channel name should be: #team-a04-SuperEfficient  

The maximum number of team members is 10. There is no minimum number, you can also submit a project if you are alone. What matters is that your project can truly contribute to improving people’s lives. 

You do not need a team to participate in this hackathon. However, if you would like to join one and could not find any, fear not. Just go to discord and post into your area channel #a??-search-team and also inform our #c??-ask-organizers so they can hook you up with a team that fits. 

The #a?? stands as a placeholder for the area you are in (e.g. #a01, #a04). 

Mentor: A person with expertise in one or more fields, who is able to support a team with a specific problem or need.  

Mentors are here to help teams hands-on if they have problems in areas they need specific expertise. Mentors don’t have to do the work for you, they work hands-on with you on a specific problem/topic.  

The main goal for the mentorship is to: 

  • Support you in get going again if you get stuck somewhere   
  • Provide you with actionable advice in order to deliver your idea   

You can recognise Mentors by their NAME_[Field]_[organisation] ? e.g. Jan_design_IamStudio ? 

To get in direct-contact with Mentors, go to the specific channel for your area: #c??-ask-mentors 

In this channel you can either: 

  • Respond to a mentor introduction message: by replying to their offer in the thread or reaching out by Private Message.  
  • Share a Mentor Request, including:  
  1. The one-liner of your project 
  2. Exact Problem/Need you are facing 
  3. Link to your Devpost Project 

Mentors will aim to always look through the oldest help requests first in the channel, and get back to you as soon as possible.  


  • If a mentor is interested in taking your problem on: 
  • they’ll mark the post with: raised_hand: ✋ emoji + comment. 
  • When the problem has been solved: 
  • please mark the post with white_check_mark: ✅  

Please keep comments, questions and discussions in the thread or move to private channels / virtual conferencing (Zoom, Hangout etc) 

To wrap up the weekend of work, The hackathon will end with pitches of your ideas. Pitches consist of a 2 min-short video, in which the idea is presented. The final link of your pitch will be submitted through a Form. 

For the video part, you have two strict requirements:  

  • No longer than 2 minutes 
  • Uploaded to YouTube (OR SIMILAR) as a public video (it can be “unlisted” if you want to)  

For the rest, it is up to you, but we recommend structuring the video into 4 parts:  

  • the need identified,  
  • the solution you propose, 
  • what you will do, 
  • how it contributes to the conference 

So you have 2 minutes to cover 4 topics. We suggest dedicating about 30 seconds for each topic, but you are free to be more flexible. Please keep in mind that all identified needs/ solutions should only focus on the organization of the 15th ESA Conference (Hybrid/Barcelona). 

The following criteria will be taken into account in the evaluation of proposals: 

  • Contribution to the conference 
  • Contribution to participation at the conference 
  • Creativity 
  • Innovation 

The jury will be integrated by 3 members of the Conference Committee and 2 members of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC). 


After the submission deadline, your submission will be evaluated by a panel of 5 jurors using the evaluation criteria mentioned above on a scale of 1-5 for each criterion, and the sum of all the scores will be your final submission score.  
Your submission score will be evaluated with other submissions within your area. If your submission is in the top 10%, the panel will hold another voting with the same criteria, to select the winning project and two runner ups. 

Winners will be notified and announced via email first and then publicly through Social Media. 

The Executive Committee will decide which ideas will be implemented in the Conference.

More information coming soon!

  • When talking about the event on social media, please use the hashtags #esaHACKATHON  and #esa2021BCN so we can re-share your posts!  

  • Feel free to ask any questions through our Discord channels. 


From the #ESAHackathon team