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8th Conference 2007 in Glasgow

'Conflict, Citizenship and Civil Society' from 3 to 6 September 2007

Europe is experiencing extensive transformations that disturb traditional political institutions and explode periodically into deep conflict. Political interpretation of these events is contested and reasons 'traditional' and 'new' vie for explanatory efficacy. Conflicts associated with migration, generation, gender, precarious labour, urban tension and cultural and religious intolerance are spliced by inequality, discrimination, poverty and exclusion thus complicating notions of belonging and citizenship. As politics is focused on conflict and its resolution debates about civil society have come to the forefront and classic concepts born during the Scottish Enlightenment have been revitalised.

The 8th European Sociological Conference will bring together scholars from across the globe to explore contemporary citizenship in Europe and debate the state of democracy and the fate of civil, political, and social rights that have been the political lifeblood of European societies. The Conference will host papers in over 30 Research Networks and Research Streams covering the full range of substantive areas within the sociological canon, including a list of research streams/networks.