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4th Conference 1999 in Amsterdam

'Will Europe Work?' from 18 to 21 August 1999

The Conference focuses on four themes. Where is work in Europe going and what consequences do transformations of work in its paid and unpaid forms have for European societies? Second, what kind of work is being done in constructing the Europe of social institutions? Departing from the European sociological tradition how can a sociological imagination be brought to bear in order to explore better alternatives. How can sociology analyse, help, understand and criticise the process constructing institutions at the regional, national and transnational levels? Third, although some borders and boundaries have been bridged, new ones are emerging between societies and inside them. How does Europe work in the construction of new and old identities? Finally, the progressive unification of Europe challenges the world order as it poses new rules and reshapes the old. How does this unified Europe work in and on the world through its impact as a producer and an employer, exporter of lifestyles and consumer of the environment?