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3rd Conference 1997 in Essex

'20th Century Europe: Inclusions/Exclusions' from 27 to 30 August 1997

The European Sociological Association invites you to consider the theme ‘20th Century Europe: Inclusions/Exclusions’. The social divisions of gender, ethnicity, class and age will be a central focus. The span of intense sociological intellectual activity roughly covers that of the twentieth century. The Conference will look back over developments during the last century before the arrival of the millennium makes us look forward, at the 4th European Conference of Sociology in 1999, to the next century. It provides an opportunity to consider both the development of Europe and of sociological understandings of Europe. The participants of the Conference will revisit classical European sociology and assess its legacy. The place of Europe in the world will be examined in the context of globalisation, and the response to this - including the increasing integration of the European Union which is creating new institutions and processes, new inclusions and exclusions.