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1st Conference 1992 in Vienna

'Sociological Perspectives on a Changing Europe' from 26 to 29 August 1992

The very first European Conference of Sociology examined the theme 'Sociological Perspectives on a Changing Europe: Paradoxes of Socioeconomic, Political and Cultural Transformation'.

Panels were held on the following themes:

  • The Economic Integration and Cultural Identity of Europe
  • Europe and the Global World Economy
  • Religion-Secularisation-Changes of Value
  • Environmental Problems
  • Restructuring of European Peripheries
  • Europe and the Others
  • Feminism and Citizenship
  • Changing Family Structures and New Forms of Living Together
  • Migration Processes in Europe- Emergence of New Minorities
  • Gender Relations and the Labour Market
  • Class Structure and Stratification
  • Communication in the Making of European Culture