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In July 2017, we are introducing a new member database!

In the future, managing your membership will be much easier and more intuitive.
While we transfer data from one system to the other, you cannot become an ESA member here.
We invite you to do this via ConfTool, when you register as participant for the 13th ESA Conference in Athens.

Thank you for your patience!

Join us at ESA!

Do you want your voice to contribute to the development of sociology and sociological research in Europe?
Then join ESA because ESA is in the process of representing sociology at an international level, especially in negotiations about the framing of the European Research Area.

Do you want to have a chance to meet and communicate with other European sociologists?
Then join ESA because ESA organises the largest European sociological congress which takes place every 2 years in different parts of Europe. Previous conferences were held in Prague, Turin, Geneva, Lisbon, Glasgow, Torun, Murcia, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Essex, Budapest, Vienna.

Do you want to learn about the most recent sociological debates and ideas?
Then join ESA and you will receive free online access to both the ESA’s international peer-reviewed journals: European Societies and the European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology.

Do you want to participate in research training as a post-graduate student?
Then join ESA because we bring together doctoral students in a fully funded summer school each year.

Do you want to keep abreast of the latest developments in your field?
Then join ESA where there are over 35 research networks which organise meetings and conferences on a regular basis.

Do you want to find out about what is going on in sociology?
Then join ESA because we will put you on our electronic mailing list which circulates information about jobs, scholarships, courses, conferences, meetings and summer schools. The newsletter of the association is published in hard copy three times a year and gives further news for sociologists.

Do you want to find research partners?
Then join ESA which represents the largest network of sociologists in Europe.
To join ESA, you can fill out a membership form.

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Membership is open to the broad categories of all scholars who actively contribute to the scientific development of sociological knowledge in or on Europe. There are three kinds of members: regular, institutional and student.
Regular membership is open to scholars who either carry out sociological research, teach sociology, have sociological jobs, are members of European national sociological associations, or have academic degrees and training in sociology.
Starting in 1999, membership of the ESA is now more complete than ever: members of the ESA receive the “European Sociologist” Newsletter, they get access to the journals “European Societies” and “European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology”, both published by Routledge, and they pay a reduced fee for the ESA conferences.

Click here to become an ESA member.
Please be informed that the reduced registration fee for members at ESA conferences is not applied to institutional members.