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Executive Committee 2015-2017Executive Committee 2015-2017. From left to right: Nilay Çabuk Kaya, Monica Massari, Kathrin Komp, Marta Soler, Laura Horn, Lena Näre, Airi-Alina Allaste, Sue Scott, Frank Welz, Ruth McDonald, Peter Holley (editor European Sociologist), Csaba Szalo, Elena Danilova, Gisèle Tchinda-Falcucci (Executive Administrator), Helena Serra, Eleni Nina-Pazarzi, Tomaš Kostelecky (missing: Christian Fuchs, Hans-Peter Müller).

Executive Committee

Executive Committee 2015-2017

ESA President: Frank Welz (Innsbruck)

Airi-Alina Allaste (Tallinn)
Nilay Çabuk Kaya (Ankara)
Elena Danilova (Moscow)
Christian Fuchs (London)
Kathrin Komp (Helsinki)
Tomaš Kostelecky (Prague)
Monica Massari (Naples)
Ruth McDonald (Manchester)
Hans-Peter Müller (Berlin)
Lena Näre (Helsinki)
Eleni Nina-Pazarzi (Piraeus)
Helena Serra (Lisbon)
Marta Soler-Gallart (Barcelona)
Csaba Szalo (Brno)
Laura Horn, Chair of the RN Council (Roskilde)
Sue Scott, Chair of the NA Council (York)


ESA President: Frank Welz (represents ESA and chairs the executive)
Vice-Presidents: Laura Horn (chair, RN council), Eleni Nina-Pazarzi (repr. conf. 2017), Sue Scott (chair, NA council)

Treasurer: Kathrin Komp

(1) Communication and Publications Committee:

Marta Soler (chair), Lena Näre (co-chair)
Elena Danilova, Monica Massari, Eleni Nina-Pazarzi, Csaba Szalo, Frank Welz
Tasks: newsletter & website; journals ES and EJCPS, editorial boards, book-series, relations with publisher

(2) Conference Committee:

Christian Fuchs (chair)
Nilay Cabuk Kaya, Tomas Kostelecky, Eleni Nina-Pazarzi, Frank Welz
Tasks: conference programme, ExeC-LOC-relations

(3) External Relations Committee:

Frank Welz (chair), Sue Scott (chair, NA Council)
Airi-Alina Allaste, Kathrin Komp, Marta Soler, Csaba Szalo
Tasks: relations with EASSH, ERC, ISE, National Associations / ISA and other bodies

(4) Finance Committee:

Kathrin Komp (chair; treasurer)
Tomas Kostelecky, Ruth McDonald
Tasks: budget & financial report, financial decisions

(5) Nomination Committee:


(6) Policy Committee:

Kathrin Komp (chair)
Laura Horn
Tasks: membership, fees, statutes, ethical guidelines, bylaws

(7) Post-graduate Research Committee:

Airi-Alina Allaste (chair), Helena Serra (co-chair)
Monica Massari, Ruth McDonald, Lena Näre
Tasks: PhD Workshop 2016 & ESA summer school 2017

(8) RN Committee (Research Networks):

Laura Horn (chair, elected by RNs)
Nilay Çabuk Kaya, Ruth McDonald, Helena Serra
Tasks: all relations and communications with RNs